Olympic Dairy


The most important ingredient in all of our dairy products is our fresh milk. And our milk is so fresh because all of our cows live super close to our dairies. It's simple really. Just like our yogurt.

From our majestic mountains to our fresh air and even the rain, every spoonful of Olympic yogurt is inspired by the fresh spirit of BC.

Every single one of our dairy farmer friends truly loves the cows they work with. From sunrise to sunset, they work non-stop to keep their cows healthy and productive. You can taste it in every spoonful.

Our passion for making the best, all-natural product we can doesn't stop on the dairy farm. All of our employees are 100% committed to making a product that they can be proud of - and that your family will love.

Our most important colleagues are our cows. Spend a day with them and you'll discover personalities as diverse as the humans you work with every day. We bet our cows work harder though.

From our fresh, Balkan-style Organic yogurt to our rich, indulgent Krema, you can taste our all-natural freshness in every spoonful. We hope you love it as much as we do.

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