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Policy respecting the protection of personal information

Ultima Foods inc. (« Ultima ») respects the privacy of your personal information and is committed to protecting it and using it solely for the purposes for which it was collected. The objective of this policy is to inform you about our privacy practises. We wish to provide you with information about why and how we collect your personal information and about how it is kept and used.

1. Scope and application

This policy applies to all personal information collected by Ultima from the websites www.ultimayog.ca , www.olympicdairy.com and from microsites linked to such websites (the « Website »), through promotional activities held on social media platforms (e.g. Facebook), and also through any other communications you may have with Ultima by e-mail, regular mail or otherwise, relating to products offered by Ultima. This policy is subject to the relevant Quebec legislation, An Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector, as well as other applicable legislation and regulations.

2. Personal information we collect

Ultima does not collect your personal information when you are simply browsing the Website. Your personal information is only collected when you willingly provide it to us, for example, when you register for a specific service, when you take part in a contest or a promotional activity, when you otherwise benefit from Ultima’s offers, rebates or advantages, or when you request information or apply for a job position at Ultima. In most cases, the personal information requested is the following: name, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, and sometimes, information regarding purchased products, regarding preferences or consumption patterns or regarding your qualifications when you apply for a position. Ultima only collects personal information which is necessary for the object of the file established by Ultima.

During certain promotional activities held on social media platforms, Ultima could also use various methods to collect personal information willingly offered by users, in conformity with the authorizations they have provided. For example, by connecting with an application on the OlympicDairy Facebook page, users could authorize Ultima to access the following personal information: name, profile picture and cover photo, gender, network, user ID and any other information the user has made publicly available. Even if Ultima has access to all of this information, only information which is necessary to fulfill the defined purposes of the promotional activity will be collected and kept by Ultima. You may at all times modify your Facebook account settings to limit access to your information, if you wish to do so.

If you register and enter a contest held by Ultima on Facebook, you will be asked to provide information we will collect, for example, your name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number, or any other information necessary for you to enter or to verify your eligibility regarding the contest or a prize, as the case may be. Please note this information is collected by Ultima and not by Facebook.

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3. Why Ultima collects your personal information

Ultima collects your personal information notably:

  • to allow you to benefit from available offers;
  • conduct contests and promotions;
  • to send you communications, if you so wish, or answer questions which we are asked;
  • for marketing study and survey purposes;
  • to evaluate and improve the efficiency of our Website, to improve its content and personalize your visit;
  • to process applications submitted for a job position.

Ultima may occasionally submit special offers, rebates or other communications regarding Ultima’s products or those of its partners to persons who have consented to receiving such communications, whether by e-mail, regular mail or otherwise. These offers, rebates and communications may sometimes be targeted based on your interests, products you have purchased or any other information we have concerning you which may allow us to send you communications which may be of interest to you. You can also choose to receive communications from Ultima by ticking the appropriate box on a form or otherwise, as applicable. You may decide at any time to cancel your subscription to such communications and you are offered the possibility to do so each time a communication is sent out. Please read the section “Additional information” below for further details.

Ultima also occasionally organizes contests, promotions and surveys. To participate, you must provide your contact information as well as additional optional information for surveys. The information collected when you enter a contest will essentially be used to contact you if you win. In certain cases, Ultima may also depersonalize the information collected during a survey so that participants are no longer identified.

Please note that all contests are subject to specific rules which are more fully detailed in the contest rules available on our Website or otherwise.

4. Electronic information

When you access the Website, we automatically collect electronic information, but this information is not of a personal nature. This includes the domain name and IP address from which you accessed our Website, as well as the type of Internet browser or operation system you use. Ultima essentially uses such information for statistical purposes, including to analyze Website traffic.

Ulltima does not link the information thus obtained with your personal information.

Ultima also uses “cookies”. Cookies are small data files which are inserted on your hard drive from the Website. Cookies allow Ultima to recognize your Internet browser when you visit the Website. Cookies are notably used to help Ultima offer you a personalized browsing experience. You may at any time chose to block cookies by modifying your browser settings, but your use of the Website may be affected, as well as your access to selected functionalities.

5. How your personal information is stored and communicated by Ultima

Ultima keeps personal information for a period of time it deems reasonable either to fulfill identified purposes or in accordance with the law, whichever time period is longer. We establish retention criteria based on the type of information collected.

Once the identified purposes have been fulfilled and your personal information is no longer required, or if you request that such information be deleted, we ensure it remains anonymous or destroy it in a way which ensures protection against unauthorized access or communication.

We never disclose your personal information to anyone outside Ultima without your consent, except the following:

  • our goods or services providers, whether organizations or individuals, whose services have been retained to carry out duties on our behalf (e.g. organization and management of promotions offered by Ultima, data processing, file management, etc.). Ultima takes the necessary measures, by contractual means or otherwise, to ensure that such third-party goods or services providers process your personal information for the sole purposes identified by Ultima and that they protect this personal information to the same extent that Ultima protects the personal information in its possession;
  • any entity resulting from a merger or change in control of Ultima, in whole or in part, only if the parties have signed an agreement stipulating that the collection, use and disclosure of information is limited to the objectives of the commercial transaction;
  • other third parties, under exceptional circumstances, when this is allowed or required by law (e.g. request from a public authority).

We do not transfer your personal information to a promotional partner unless you have specifically given us consent to do so.

6. Security

All data is stored on servers with high-security safeguards, protected against misuse and access by unauthorized individuals. In conformity with this privacy policy, Ultima also protects personal information disclosed to third parties in order to maintain the information’s privacy and to respect the purpose for which it was collected. This information is only made available to individuals (employees or agents) who require access to such information to carry out their responsibilities.

Your personal information is generally collected electronically and kept on Ultima’s servers located in the Montreal area, in files created for this purpose. Your personal information may also be kept on servers located outside of Canada, notably in Atlanta in the United-States. All physical files containing your personal information will be kept at Ultima's offices, in Longueuil.

7. Internet-related risks

Although Ultima makes an effort to ensure that no third parties consult or obtain your personal information through its Website, complete confidentiality and security on the Internet can never be fully guaranteed. Communications through the Internet can indeed be subject to interceptions, losses and alterations. Ultima will not be held responsible for damages resulting from sending your confidential or personal information through the Website.

8. Hyperlinks to other sites

Ultima's Website may contain hyperlinks which enable users to visit other sites run by third parties. Ultima has no control over these sites and will not be held responsible in any manner for including these links on the Website. Any information you provide on these sites will be subject to such sites' privacy policies.

9. Changes to Ultima's Policy respecting the protection of personal information

Every once in a while, Ultima may modify this policy. In the event of a modification, an adequate notice will be posted at the beginning of this policy. You may at all times review the applicable policy on our Website.

10. Additional information

Should you have any questions regarding our policy respecting the protection of personal information, about access to personal information, or the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, on how to file a complaint, or if you wish to withdraw your name from one or several of our mailing lists or update your personal information, please contact our privacy officer at the following address: consumer.service@ultimayog.ca.

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