Olympic Dairy

100% Natural Ingredients.

All of our dairy products are inspired by our true west coast spirit and made by local cows and people. From our Balkan-style Organic yogurt to our indulgent Krema yogurt, every Olympic yogurt is prepared with 100% natural ingredients. That means, no gluten, gelatine or preservatives. And all of our other dairy products are made with the same pride, passion and fresh milk.


Our entire Organic lineup starts with fresh organic milk from cows who live, sleep and graze on small farms close to our dairies. We like having them nearby because we can then turn their fresh milk into Balkan-style yogurts and sour cream and kefirs, within just 48 hours. So every Olympic Organic product is as fresh as the wholesome milk it’s made from. And every tempting flavour is made with 100% natural ingredients such as fresh fruit purées. Fresh, tasty and healthy. That’s good.


The rich, thick texture of our Balkan-styled yogurts makes them the definition of delicious indulgence. They are made fresh every day at our dairy in Delta, BC by hard-working people who never stop indulging their passion for making great yogurt. They start with fresh milk and cream and add 100% natural ingredients like honey, maple syrup or freshly pulped lemons for truly mouth-watering treats. So sit back, relax and treat yourself. YOGURT


Yogurts are not created equal. All of our Greek yogurts are high protein and low fat, which is much healthier than the other way around. They are made with 100% natural ingredients, so you can taste all the freshness of BC, with a naturally thick and smooth texture that’s 100% Greek.


Our Natural line of Balkan-style yogurts and sour cream is proof that you don't need to be fancy to be delicious. Every Natural product has a simple, fresh taste that can only come from using all-natural ingredients. Enjoy them on their own as a snack, with muesli in the morning, as a late-night dip or as a natural addition to your favourite family dishes.

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