Lemon yogurt scones

Deliciously moist and flavourful. Serve with dried fruit and flavour with orange.

Raspberry dessert

A silky smooth dessert bursting with freshness. An ideal summer treat.

Ice cream yogurt

A sweet strawberry delight perfect for your summer activities !

Lemon almond yogurt cake

This is my simplified version of a great classic. Vary the flavour of the yogourt to please your palate. Savour sliced for breakfast or five o’clock tea, or in cubes as part of a trifle. This is a recipe you’ll always want to have on your kitchen counter, within easy reach.

Yogurt crème brûlée

Everyone knows this classic recipe, but this full-flavoured creamy version with yogurt is a revelation. Try it without baking, and you can’t go wrong. Once inside the ramekins, all you need to do is choose the right-size spoon!

Pumpkin bread

Serve hot with a dollop of Krema maple yogurt. The perfect complement to those cool autumn mornings.